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Circumstantial Considerations
Rated: G
WC: Friendship
Batman x Flash
Bruce considers all the possibilities and Wally is quick to follow, as he always is.

hi give me batflash prompts and i WILL GIVE YOU BATFLASH

when wally goes still, bruce pays attention. he fixates on the way wally doesn’t tap his fingers or fidget. bruce pays attention to the way wally doesn’t speak a thousand words a minute or doesn’t zip around, moving, moving, constantly moving.

when wally goes still, bruce pays attention. he pays attention to the too alert gaze, the wariness pinched between the redhead’s eyebrows, the hesitance in his words, and the pause between steps.

when wally goes still, bruce pays attention. he watches carefully as wally moves almost sluggishly, is careless more so than usual, stutters out sentences and keeps his hands clenched. wally doesn’t clench and unclench his fists the way he sometimes does, but keeps those fists. 

when wally goes still, bruce pays attention. bruce is attuned to the inhale and exhale, so controlled, passing the younger boy’s lips. the way his jaw clenches, almost as though to keep himself from speaking. when wally goes still-

when wally goes still, bruce knows. bruce knows that wally is trying to catch up to himself, from not having paced himself. that his mind is trying to catch up with all that he’d done in the span of too short a period. when wally goes still, bruce knows that wally doesn’t know - doesn’t know where to go, what to do, what to say, and most importantly when. 

when wally goes still, bruce makes sure to keep wally aware of the fact that it’s just a moment, just a phase, and it will pass. that everything will pass. 

that all wally needed was time. and for a speedster - wally had plenty.

when wally goes still, bruce deals with it. because though time may not stop, sometimes wally moves so fast that time actually may. and when wally goes still, bruce simply hopes that wally’s heart doesn’t. 

"what’s wrong?" Bruce asks, carefully and slowly, eying the speedster at the other end of the room. Wally was antsy, and not in the way that he usually is. Bruce could tell that the boy’s toes were probably wiggling in his shoes, that Wally’s teeth were probably digging into his lips hard enough to break skin, that this- this wasn’t Wally’s usual energy overflowing.

this was something else.

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Bruce is angry, furious, and he slams Wally up against the wall, eyes flashing dangerously

Wally remains silent and in Bruce’s grasp

both parties are well aware that Wally only lets himself get caught if he wants to be

Bruce can’t put into words how worried he was, how he thought Wally would never come back

how he’d thought he’d lost him

Wally meets Bruce’s gaze and

Bruce doesn’t have to

when they kiss, it’s the only time Bruce wishes time could stop

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someone talk to me about batflash 

talk to me about wally whining and bruce sighing and bruce rolling his eyes and wally nagging and wally pestering and bruce making dry comments while wally zips around in circles around bruce trying to walk away and wally making bruce coffee and crossing his arms over his chest and puffing out his chest and going “i like my coffee the way i like my men. black as the night. the dark knight.” and cracking awful jokes while bruce resists the urge to pour said coffee on the floor so that wally will slip while running away 


"you’re getting ahead of yourself," Bruce grumbles sometimes when Wally zips out of near death with a grin and Wally looks at him like, yeah, of course, he’s always ahead of everything

and then Bruce catches his wrist and lets his grip tighten briefly, gaze steadily meeting the speedsters from behind his mask

and it’s unspoken that the dark knight knows the speedster can take care of himself

but it’s just the fact that Wally doesn’t have to

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❝ how does batflash have sex? ❞


you dont even care do you you just sent me this to make me feel better about myself didnt you you dont even CARE no one actually cares about batlfash NONE OF YOU CARE 

but im gonna answer this anyway 

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